New Spaces of Scientific Knowledge.

by Responsable éditoriale | 20.06.2011 00:00

Image1The spaces of academic, scientific, and policy knowledge production have markedly changed over the past ten years. A mutually constitutive set of new actors, institutional initiatives, scientific networks, and changing state strategies at various spatial scales have been transforming the landscape. Yet, despite a growing interest in the effects of the knowledge produced, less attention has been given to the reconfiguring subjects and sites that are shaping the evolving geography of contemporary knowledge production. The MOVE 2011 conference seeks to deepen our understanding of these changes along four themes:

1. The construction of transnational higher education and research spaces, with particular attention to branch campus developments and their architectural practices and spatial forms

2. The changing practices and influence of scientific diaspora networks

3. Scalar transformations in international and “global” health policy and the effect of these developments on public health practices

4. The sites and subjects involved in constructing migration and mobility policy expertise and knowledge

The conference is organized with The Swiss Network for Mobility Studies[1]. The full program is available at[2]

Illustration : Conférence MOVE[3]

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