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Le concept de rythme au coeur d’un tournant esthétique de la pensée et des politiques de la ville. Peer review

Jean-Louis Genard | 30.05.2019

In many respects, the city's policies and practices are now experiencing what could be called an "aesthetic shift". Most of the time, this turning point is the subject of analyses focused on one or other of its components, such as the rise of the creative city's standards or attractiveness, but without their aesthetic significance, in the full sense of the term, which refers to aesthesis, to sensitivity. By focusing on the concept of rhythm, which is also gaining momentum [...]

Pour une écologie politique de l’adaptation au changement climatique.

Rudolf, Florence. 2016 (dir.). Les villes à la croisée des stratégies globales et locales des enjeux climatiques. Québec : Presses de l’Université Laval, coll. « Sociologie contemporaine ».

Nathalie Blanc | 11.10.2017

In the face of climate change and its impacts, societies have developed a series of operational tools and concepts that have allowed them to take account of the evolution of this issue. Beginning in 2010, resilience partially replaced the logic of risk and hazard, as well as the one of mitigation. The coordinators of the book try, in three parts, to understand how the issue of resilience really allows to take into account the realities of adaptation to climate [...]

Pratiques de la sécurité dans la ville et sûreté des espaces urbains.

Comby, Jacques (dir.) avec la coll. d’Emmanuelle Romanet-Da Fonseca. 2015. Peurs dans la ville. Urbanisme et sécurité dans l’agglomération lyonnaise XIXe-XXIe siècle. Rennes : Presses universitaires de Rennes, coll. « Espace et territoires ».

Laura Monfleur | 26.10.2016

The collective work edited by Jacques Comby examines safety in the city and the associated urban forms through the prism of the discourses, practices and representations of actors that have been in charge of governance and urban planning in the Lyon metropolitan area since the 19th century. This book reveals the safety concerns and practices in the shaping of the city. It also offers an enlightening critical analysis. This review attempts to focus on the contributions that Comby’s book [...]