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Les techniques du corps, des compétences pour faire avec de l’espace. Peer review

Léopold Lucas | 16.05.2019

This paper offers a discussion about the integration of the « techniques of the body » within a geography of action. The main idea is to define « skills » as the mastery of body techniques. We argue that this mastery gives individuals a capacity of adaptation to cope with space they do not know yet. More precisely, the article discusses the relevance of Marcel Mauss’ proposition, especially in the light of the reading established by Tim Ingold. This [...]

La fonction de la nature dans l’urbanisme théorique.

Du milieu à l’instrument et au modèle.

Adrien Gey | 12.10.2015

This paper tries to understand and describe the place that nature occupies in sustainable city projects, and compare it with classical planning theory. We’ll see how natural elements have been constituted as a mechanical “environment”, that is to say as a frame influencing users, and a tool by prospective planning, before being considered a “model” by the green urbanism that took place in the “Grand Paris” consultation of 2009. [...]

Deleuze bashing.

Hervé Regnauld | 28.04.2015

Social sciences sometimes quote philosophers in order to provide a basis for their theories. They quote Gilles Deleuze very often, but Deleuze says that he doesn’t care about being coherent. So why should socials science care about philosophy ? [...]

Spatial practices, theoretical implications.

Mathis Stock | 31.03.2015

This article aims at evaluating some of the theoretical implications of the inquiry of the spatial dimensions of practices. First, it raises the question of the adequacy of the use of the term « spatial practice » against the possibility of speaking of spatial dimensions of practices. Second, it evaluates some of the consequences of the growing importance of practices on geographical theory. This article departs from Theodore Schatzki’s proposition in this traversal and thus takes the form of [...]