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Le rythme : une des formes concrètes du temps. 

Alain Guez | 02.08.2021

Rhythm is certainly one of the concrete shapes of time. The Manifesto for a Politics of Rhythm develops a convincing argument on the power of the rhythmic approach to confront the pathologies of capitalism and, more broadly, to build an emancipatory choreopolitics. In an attempt to extend the reflection, the "wager of rhythm" is discussed here on the basis of one of the Manifesto's hypotheses: rhythm is a notion that allows for the articulation of space and time. Ethnographies [...]

Kairos, Kronos : les sciences sociales au(x) temps du développement personnel.

Mélanie Le Guen | 21.02.2020

The actors, tools, discourses, practices related to the field of self-development have thrived since the early twenties in the United States and in Europe, as a response to societies’ will to live better lives. Time, especially as far as the many possible temporalities are concerned, is one of the main themes of self-development. Thus, Kairos and Kronos materialize the idea that contemporary Western societies live in relation to two temporal regimes – one being chronological, and the other kairetical. [...]

Pour une politique du présent.

Nicolas Poirier | 21.09.2014

The aim of this paper is to bring to light the centrality of the Present within the framework of the democratic regime by showing that, far from being a definite obstacle to whoever wishes to locate themselves truthfully in Time, inscribing oneself resolutely within the Present is a necessary condition to develop an ethical and political activity through which the individual and society can transform themselves. Before we criticize presentism, we will conduct a methodological and epistemological reflection on [...]