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Économie des rythmes urbains. Peer review

Yves Crozet | 09.05.2019

The economics of urban rhythms tell us that cities are characterized by a double scarcity, that of time for individuals, that of space for the community. The former, because of the increase of their income, seek to intensify their activity programs. For this they develop their mobility at the risk of causing traffic congestion. Public policies are therefore in charge of managing the scarcity of space, so that individual mobility is part of a collective process of production. But [...]

Pour ne pas confondre vitesse et précipitation…

Emmanuel Ravalet | 04.07.2018

From 90 to 80 kilometers per hour, the maximum speed allowed on part of the French roads has decreased this 1st of July 2018. At the heart of a strong opposition against this measure, this article aims to report, based on scientific knowledge, on speed and its various societal impacts. [...]

Le temps du désir, le temps de l’agir et la modernité trahie.

Rosa, Hartmut. 2012, Aliénation et accélération, vers une théorie critique de la modernité tardive. Traduit par Thomas Chaumont. Paris : La Découverte.

André Ourednik | 04.09.2013

According to Hartmut Rosa, late modernity is characterized by an insidious exhortation towards speed. However, his latest work seems prey to this exhortation too, inducing a palpable tension between the messenger and his message. In spite of this, the book offers multiple means for understanding — if not overcoming — our loss of grip on our collective and individual lives, which disowns the expectations of modernity. Disadvantaged by a lightweight beginning, the argument eventually becomes more complex and finally [...]