Emmanuel Ravalet

Emmanuel Ravalet est ingénieur et socio-économiste. Docteur en Économie des Transports et PhD en Études Urbaines, il travaille en tant que collaborateur scientifique au LaSUR (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) sur les enjeux sociaux liés à l’immobilité, au repli spatial, ou aux mobilités de longues distances.

Pour ne pas confondre vitesse et précipitation…

Emmanuel Ravalet | 04.07.2018

From 90 to 80 kilometers per hour, the maximum speed allowed on part of the French roads has decreased this 1st of July 2018. At the heart of a strong opposition against this measure, this article aims to report, based on scientific knowledge, on speed and its various societal impacts. [...]

Vivre le périurbain.

Emmanuel RavaletStéphanie Vincent-Geslin et Benjamin Motte-Baumvol | 29.04.2013

This Traverse explores the specific nature of surburban areas and lifestyles compared with urban and rural ones. It equally examines major social issues as they are related to the rapid and continual growth of suburban areas and populations. The various articles gathered in this Traverse assert some of the specific characteristics of suburban lifestyles. Three kinds of results are emphasized. First, a distortion of the urban lifestyle is experienced by most populations who previously were city dwellers. This distortion [...]