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Théâtre, ethnoscénologie & sociologie réflexive Peer review

Jean-Marie Pradier | 24.08.2020

Ethnoscenology considers theater as a cultural subset (historical and local) of organized human performing forms OHPF. The theater has enjoyed a particular expansion in the wake of Western economic, political and scientific influence over the world. This art become less influential in terms of attendance by the public; nevertheless, it is now incorporated as a practice in multiple fields of social life. The common French vocabulary bears the trace of its prominence in the society. The word theater has [...]

Gouvernementalité, biopolitique, néolibéralisme : Foucault en situation.

José Luis Moreno Pestaña | 07.11.2011

In this article I reconstruct, in the first place, the political context in which Foucault dictated the courses of 1977-1978 and 1978-1979. Next, I analyze these courses with special attention to the articulation between theoretical and political meanings, not forgetting the winks and the differentiations made by the author in the intelectual field (mainly, related to marxism and sociology). [...]