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Déplacer les disciplines : le nouveau rôle des aires

Michael Lucken et Karoline Postel-Vinay | 05.03.2020

Our societies appear increasingly polarized between the camp of the advocates of "de-globalization" and that of the relentless globalists. Such polarization obscures, by caricaturing it, the complexity of the challenge of human plurality and generates a dilemma, illusory to a certain extent, between the quest for generality and the consideration of particularities. In the humanities and social sciences, this dilemma takes the shape, among others, of a recurring debate about the relation between “the disciplines” and area studies. Overcoming [...]

Pour une politique du présent.

Nicolas Poirier | 21.09.2014

The aim of this paper is to bring to light the centrality of the Present within the framework of the democratic regime by showing that, far from being a definite obstacle to whoever wishes to locate themselves truthfully in Time, inscribing oneself resolutely within the Present is a necessary condition to develop an ethical and political activity through which the individual and society can transform themselves. Before we criticize presentism, we will conduct a methodological and epistemological reflection on [...]