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Tourisme gay et normativités sexuelles. Peer review

Berlin, destination hors normes ?

Florent Chossière | 07.06.2019

This paper aims at understanding the mechanisms behind Berlin’s attractiveness for gay tourists. With a focus on urban events and their representations, the article investigates the role taken by sexual normativities in the shaping of a tourist destination. The city positions itself not only as beyond heteronormativity, especially as it is considered a gay homeland, but also as beyond other normativities which marginalize some sexual practices, like the one linked to leather and fetish culture, for example. This paper [...]

Des géographies queers au-delà des genres et des sexualités ? Peer review

Cha Prieur | 20.04.2015

This article aims to show how queer geographies fit into the history of geography and how francophone geographies can use them. It throws light on the origins (postmodernity and feminisms) and precedents of queer geography (geography of sexualities). In opening to intersectionality (political, racial, social and cultural dimensions), this new geographical field could enable us to go far beyond Gender and Sexualities Studies. [...]