Florent Chossière

Florent Chossière is a PhD candidate in geography at the University of Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, associated with the research team ACP (Analyse Comparée des Pouvoirs). His doctoral research deals with people claiming asylum in France on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity. He’s a member of the research group JEDI (Justice, Espace, Discriminations, Inégalités) from the LABEX « Urban Futures », and a co-director of « Altérités, Marginalités, Catégorisations », a junior laboratory at ENS Lyon.

Tourisme gay et normativités sexuelles. Peer review

Berlin, destination hors normes ?

Florent Chossière | 07.06.2019

This paper aims at understanding the mechanisms behind Berlin’s attractiveness for gay tourists. With a focus on urban events and their representations, the article investigates the role taken by sexual normativities in the shaping of a tourist destination. The city positions itself not only as beyond heteronormativity, especially as it is considered a gay homeland, but also as beyond other normativities which marginalize some sexual practices, like the one linked to leather and fetish culture, for example. This paper [...]