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Chronotopies ou temps unique ?

Rancière, Jacques. 2018. Les temps modernes. Art, temps, politiques. Paris : La Fabrique.

Nathalie Blanc | 27.06.2019

The book repeats four lectures, given in several countries of former Yugoslavia, as well as in the United States, between 2014 and 2015, which allowed the author to rethink time as a (class) conflict in the distribution of life forms. The first lecture, or essay, entitled Time, Narrative, and Politics, questions the narratives of time and the politics of their formulation. The author opposes to the great narratives constructed by Marx and his heirs, a messianic time of which [...]

Glacis mémoriels en Médoc. Peer review

À propos de la cartographie multi-strates des milieux et usages d’une rive estuarienne.

Baptiste Hautdidier | 15.11.2018

On the basis of two animated maps, the paper aims to contribute to the thinking of the mapmaking practices that are based on the overlay of various stratas. The examples suggest that the added value of such multilayered cartographies (that we choose to call glacis) is to be found in two complementary directions : that of helping to grasp the complexity of processes and stakes by building a lavish – if not blurred – general picture ; that of [...]

Cartographier le temps, l’espace d’un moment. Peer review

Carole Lanoix et Véronique Mauron | 15.12.2015

How can one represent time without resorting to animation ? Still images have inhabited cartography for a long time and it is only recently that the trend has changed in favour of dynamic representations. In the light of this development, we propose to revisit the use of a succession of still images to represent time. Continuing the research entitled Cosmographies, conducted at the Chôros laboratory (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, EPFL), we interrogate the techniques, tools and fictions [...]