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Comment exposer les sciences humaines et sociales ?

Jean-Nicolas Fauchille | 12.07.2017

The article is based on two debates, in the context of the 2017 printanières of Three approaches, historical, panoptic contemporary, and theoretical/critical of the notions of exhibition and museum allow to answer properly the following question, by bringing an enthusiastic and optimistic reading grid : how to expose the social sciences ? [...]

Le musée déconstruit : le réquisitoire de Jean-Loup Amselle.

Amselle, Jean-Loup. 2016. Le musée exposé. Fécamp : Lignes.

François Warin | 17.05.2017

With the new museums, works of the greatest architects, we entered a new age. It is this new place of confinement that mobilizes the big pilgrimages of international tourism today, which Jean-Loup Amselle intends to deconstruct in a book (The Museum Exposed) as ambitious as iconoclastic, a book in which Marxist, Foucaldian and post-colonial criticism cross each other.
By taking a geopolitical dimension, the museum becomes a museum of society, and today exposes itself to the conflict of memories and [...]

Les musées urbains de la Shoah comme objets d’enjeux géopolitiques et espace-temps de l’entre-deux. Peer review

Dominique Chevalier | 28.04.2014

This paper focuses on the cases of several museums and memorials located within major cities (Berlin, Jerusalem, Montreal, Washington, Budapest and Paris). Building upon these examples, it explores the connections between the construction of the cities’ museums and their geopolitical stakes. It also focuses on how time is spatially accounted for within them. [...]