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Effets de terrain. Peer review

Anne Doquet et Joëlle Le Marec | 14.09.2017

What kind of knowledge do we produce in the social sciences ? The problem is constantly discussed, mostly from a review of the literature (after all stages of academic refining) more than by sharing what is learned from the survey. However, it can be reconsidered not as a technical stage of collection, but as an open process that begins well before and continues well after the phase described in theses and articles as the space-time reserved for the study area. [...]

Pragmatique de la mémoire.

Michel Peroni et Dominique Belkis | 28.04.2015

In a pragmatic perspective, « memory » is no longer the appropriate object of sociological inquiries — « memoriality » is. By « memoriality », we refer to what actors or instances that are committed to memorial activities deal with : memoriality is what they have to specify and investigate through their own inquiry. They have to make memoriality consistent and sensitive through practical arrangements. In this sense, the contributions that compose this Traversal explore different memoriality regimes, namely [...]