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Études sur l’imaginaire, l’économie et la géopolitique

Christophe Premat | 18.02.2021

The eighth volume of Castoriadis’ political writings sheds light on the relationship between economy and imaginary. By carrying out an accurate editorial work, Enrique Escobar, Myrto Gondicas and Pascal Vernay extracted comments, notes and texts from the archives of Castoriadis that help the reader to understand better Castoriadis’ views on the economy of capitalism and on Marx’ theses in the Capital. The second part of the volume brings together the geopolitical analyzes of Castoriadis on global capitalism. [...]

Enchantements, jeux et réalités.

Rachel Brahy et Catherine Bourgeois | 11.12.2020

This interview with Yves Winkin and Nathalie Zaccaï-Reyners focuses on notions of enchantment, imagination, games or effervescence. It questions both the complex links between spatialities, collective action and social interactions, but also explores deeper questions such as solicitude, happiness or ways of interpreting the meaning of life. From this interview emerge concrete perspectives and tools to analyze situations as varied as the tourist experience, ludic experience, public relations or the dynamics of intercomprehension or disillusionment. [...]

L’usine électrique de Battersea : le pouvoir d’un objet symbolique.

Mathieu Petite | 18.04.2011

This article deals with the successive projects proposed by various stakeholders to redevelop Battersea Power Station, decommissioned in 1983 in London. By analyzing discourse and argumentation, it emphasizes some controversies resulting of these projects. This article argues that these controversies are bound up to the importance of the images associated to the power station (music, films, advertising, etc.). These images have been producing material fixity that some groups are eager to refer. Accordingly, the power station [...]