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Le musée déconstruit : le réquisitoire de Jean-Loup Amselle.

Amselle, Jean-Loup. 2016. Le musée exposé. Fécamp : Lignes.

François Warin | 17.05.2017

With the new museums, works of the greatest architects, we entered a new age. It is this new place of confinement that mobilizes the big pilgrimages of international tourism today, which Jean-Loup Amselle intends to deconstruct in a book (The Museum Exposed) as ambitious as iconoclastic, a book in which Marxist, Foucaldian and post-colonial criticism cross each other.
By taking a geopolitical dimension, the museum becomes a museum of society, and today exposes itself to the conflict of memories and [...]

L’usine électrique de Battersea : le pouvoir d’un objet symbolique.

Mathieu Petite | 18.04.2011

This article deals with the successive projects proposed by various stakeholders to redevelop Battersea Power Station, decommissioned in 1983 in London. By analyzing discourse and argumentation, it emphasizes some controversies resulting of these projects. This article argues that these controversies are bound up to the importance of the images associated to the power station (music, films, advertising, etc.). These images have been producing material fixity that some groups are eager to refer. Accordingly, the power station [...]