Géraldine Djament-Tran

A former student of the École Normale Supérieure, holder of the “agrégation” of geography, Géraldine Djament-Tran is presently lecturer at the University of Strasbourg. She is also a member of the UMR SAGE number 7363 (Companies, Actors, Government in Europe) and associated with EIREST (Interdisciplinary Team Research on Tourism at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University). She co-organizes the seminar “Cultural policies and urban issues” at the ENS-Ulm. She has co-directed, with Philippe San Marco, La métropolisation de la culture et du patrimoine (2014), and she devotes her research to the relationship between heritage and metropolization.

La (dé)territorialisation et les changements d’échelle du patrimoine.

La co-construction sociale du temps et de l’espace dans la nouvelle étape de mondialisation.

Géraldine Djament-Tran | 15.06.2015

This article analyzes a contemporary change in the spatial dimension of heritage, characterized by a twofold process of territorialization and deterritorialization. It shows that the territorialization of heritage has changed in scale and in social function — from the heritage of quarters, not just buildings, it has come to signify the multiplication of heritage-based public perimeters and even the contribution of heritage to processes of territorialization —, that it forms a system with networking and standardization of heritage, and [...]