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L’internationalisme du 19e siècle : un exemple interdisciplinaire de global studies. Peer review

Axel Barenboim | 03.08.2017

The transnational turn has renewed both the history of anarchism and the sociology of social movements. The purpose of this article is, by considering the international anarchist congress of London (1881), to evoke new possibilities for the junction of sociological analysis and historical research. This interdisciplinary approach is not meant to be a mere dialogue between well-divided fields using specific methods, but to embrace a larger field of global studies. This perspective, open to all the social sciences, will [...]

Paul Claval fait confiance à l’Occident.

Claval, Paul. 2016. L’aventure occidentale. Modernité et globalisation. Paris : Éditions Sciences Humaines.

Christian Bouquet | 11.05.2017

Paul Claval continues to put in perspective the way the world is going, with his own insights and readings. In this book, he alludes to the end of the modernist utopia impacted by the globalization process, while outlining the universalist ambition of these two movements. However, he is worried by the current imbalance experienced by the planet and its inhabitants, under the influence of a triple transition : demographic, environmental and digital technology. His point of view may be [...]

La (dé)territorialisation et les changements d’échelle du patrimoine.

La co-construction sociale du temps et de l’espace dans la nouvelle étape de mondialisation.

Géraldine Djament-Tran | 15.06.2015

This article analyzes a contemporary change in the spatial dimension of heritage, characterized by a twofold process of territorialization and deterritorialization. It shows that the territorialization of heritage has changed in scale and in social function — from the heritage of quarters, not just buildings, it has come to signify the multiplication of heritage-based public perimeters and even the contribution of heritage to processes of territorialization —, that it forms a system with networking and standardization of heritage, and [...]

Participe présent.

Lussault, Michel. 2013. L’avènement du monde. Essai sur l’habitation humaine de la terre. Paris : Seuil, coll. « La couleur des idées » ; Lévy, Jacques. 2013. Réinventer la France. Trente cartes pour une nouvelle géographie. Paris : Fayard.

Gilles Clamens | 21.07.2014

This book review brings together two recent essays written by geographers Jacques Lévy and Michel Lussault. It suggests we see in them an appropriable answer to questions usually asked in terms of « globalization » and « urbanization ». The idea of « present participation » — with the shared responsability it involves —emerges from the surveys as well as from the authors’ « worked tools », and moves towards a common world that always appears to be difficult [...]

Genève face à sa mondialité.

Anglo-saxons et portugais comme marqueurs de la segmentation spatiale genevoise.

Manouk Borzakian | 02.04.2013

In this article, Geneva, a small world city that is facing a significant economic and demographic growth, is examined with the help of a map where spatial distribution of Anglo-Saxon and Portuguese residents is represented. The different distribution patterns show the impact of globalization on the urban space. These patterns also illustrate the risk of socio-spatial fragmentation, which is not inevitable but far more dangerous for Geneva’s development than densification. It is the latter however that tends to be [...]