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Entre capacité de nuisance et facultés de réinvention du monde.

Badie, Bertrand. Quand le Sud réinvente le monde. Essai sur la puissance de la faiblesse. Paris : La Découverte.

Gérard Martial Amougou | 26.07.2019

A major factor in the current turbulence of global society, the power of weakness would undermine the realistic reading of international relations. The failure of the Westphalian model would give way to the emergence of new forms of self-assertion and conflictualism by the South. However, it seems that the reinvention of the international system advocated by Badie still requires a closer contextualization of the South, in order to better support the notion of the power of weakness. [...]

Les musées urbains de la Shoah comme objets d’enjeux géopolitiques et espace-temps de l’entre-deux. Peer review

Dominique Chevalier | 28.04.2014

This paper focuses on the cases of several museums and memorials located within major cities (Berlin, Jerusalem, Montreal, Washington, Budapest and Paris). Building upon these examples, it explores the connections between the construction of the cities’ museums and their geopolitical stakes. It also focuses on how time is spatially accounted for within them. [...]