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Du bon et mauvais usage des modèles de la science économique.

Rodrik, Dani. 2017. Peut-on faire confiance aux économistes ? Réussites et échecs de la science économique. Traduit de l'anglais par Jérôme Duquène. Louvain-la-Neuve : De Boeck Supérieur, coll. « Pop Economics ».

Michel Carrard | 07.12.2018

The subprime crisis of 2007/2008 rekindled controversies over the nature of economics. If some saw, in the multiplication of criticisms addressed to this discipline, the beginning of a healthy questioning of the mainstream model, others, on the contrary, defended it as a guarantee of its scientificity. It is in this context that Dani Rodrik's book will be published, in 2015. The author's comment is both a plea in favour of economics and at the same time a strong criticism [...]

Crise dans le secteur élaeicole ivoirien. Peer review

La construction d’accord sur le prix.

Sadia Chérif | 09.07.2012

This article would like to contribute to position the negotiation of compromise as way out of crisis to reconcile actors equipped with different visions of the world. Starting from the drastic fall of world rates of the raw palm oil of November 1999, the persistent tensions between growers gathered in cooperatives and the private agro-industrial companies on the price determination to the growers lead to general strikes of the growers and the occupation of public space [...]