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Forme urbaine, rythme et mémoire.   Peer review

Les apports d’une approche par le rythme pour penser les dynamiques mémorielles dans la ville contemporaine. 

Lucia Bordone | 20.07.2021

This article aims to highlight some specific contributions of the notion of rhythm to apprehend dynamics on memory within an urban environment. In particular, it points out how rhythm constitutes an effective operator for thinking about the capacity of certain urban forms to favor or hinder the experience of “being present together” (Boullier, 2010) and, consequently, the possibility of remembering together. Starting from the description of a moment of blocking that occurred during an empirical investigation, the article shows [...]

Mémoire publique et mémoire collective de l’esclavage. Peer review

L’apport de la sociologie pragmatiste.

Johann Michel | 12.05.2015

The aim of this article is to theorise a new version of “memory”, which we will call “public memory”, by using a conceptual framework inspired by pragmatist sociology. This theorisation will be put to the test through an ethnographic study that we have been conducting for several years on associations that originate in the French Antilles and support the cause of remembering slavery. [...]

Récits médiatiques, mémoires électives.

De la construction de l’événement à celle de l’oubli : l’exemple du 11 septembre 2001.

Aurélia Lamy | 21.11.2007

“Nine eleven” is a limiting event, so much from an imaginary point of view that by the profusion of meanings that it implies. Even if initially, the watchword seems to be “Anybody will never forget this day”, progressively, political and media authorities, by the narrative configuration of the event, build a collective memory of the attacks and the lapse of memory of some components of the facts. Thus, if the mediatisation in urgency induces a globalisation of the public [...]