Lucia Bordone

Lucia Bordone is a socio-anthropologist and holds a PhD in urban studies from the Swiss Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL). She is currently working as scientific collaborator at the Federal Office of Culture (Switzerland) where she is in charge of implementing the Strategy for a high-quality Baukultur (building culture) at the national level. The Human Being relationship to its natural and built environment, as well as memory and transmission processes represent the common threads of her work. Having evolved in transdisciplinary contexts both within and outside of the academic world, she aims at contributing to methodologies centered on sensitive experiences as the starting point of a new ecological ethics.

Forme urbaine, rythme et mémoire.   Peer review

Les apports d’une approche par le rythme pour penser les dynamiques mémorielles dans la ville contemporaine. 

Lucia Bordone | 20.07.2021

This article aims to highlight some specific contributions of the notion of rhythm to apprehend dynamics on memory within an urban environment. In particular, it points out how rhythm constitutes an effective operator for thinking about the capacity of certain urban forms to favor or hinder the experience of “being present together” (Boullier, 2010) and, consequently, the possibility of remembering together. Starting from the description of a moment of blocking that occurred during an empirical investigation, the article shows [...]