Xavier Arnauld de Sartre

Xavier Arnauld de Sartre is a geographer and a researcher at CNRS, in the Passages laboratory, in Pau. His research focuses on the place of people in the face of policies that aim to mitigate global change and impulse transitions. After having worked on fields where these issues are posed with particular strength (the Amazon, the Argentinian Pampas), he is now working on French sites, studying in particular the case of the agroecological transition and the energy transition. He holds a chair entitled « Territories in Energy and Environmental Transitions », which is particularly interested in the territorial dynamics that are implemented around these processes.

Métrologies critiques de l'espace. Peer review

Critical Approaches to Metrology.

Matthieu NoucherIrène Hirt et Xavier Arnauld de Sartre | 21.02.2019

When the construction of a political space demands shared systems of measurement, ensuring that everything is made comparable, coding categories and procedures are brought into place. Attributing singular cases to measurable categories was for a long time a prerogative of the State, but new systems of metrology are now broadening the range of players. With this traversal, we aim to start deconstructing these metrological systems, both old and new, to prompt different readings of the rhetoric behind them. By [...]