Théophile Lavault

He is a PhD candidate in philosophy under the direction of Judith Revel, Laboratory of contemporary philosophy PhiCo in Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne University. His research aims to build a history of governementalities at work in the different methods of supervision and control imposed on colonized populations, more specifically in Algeria during French colonization. He studies the way in which these political rationales were reused after the Algerian War by the police in order to impose a control on immigrant communities. This research examines the genealogy of the internal foreigner as a political figure in postcolonial societies.

La pratique pluridisciplinaire : un espace commun stratifié. Peer review

Théophile Lavault | 15.11.2017

The methodological crossovers within the construction process of a research subject must first question the way in which they influence the identity of subject itself; in other words the deeper relationship between a field of study and its subjects ; by the following question : which one, the field of study or the subject, influences the identity of the other ? The link between a subject and a field of study, or more precisely between a subject and a [...]