Theodore Schatzki

Theodore Schatzki is Senior Associate Dean and Professor of Philosophy and Geography in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Kentucky. He is the author of Social Practices (1996), The Site of the Social (2002), Martin Heidegger : Theorist of Space (2007), and The Timespace of Human Activity (2010) as well as the coeditor, among other volumes, of The Practice Turn in Contemporary Theory (2001).

Spaces of Practices and of Large Social Phenomena.

Theodore Schatzki | 24.03.2015

This essay explores three prominent spatial dimensions of large social phenomena : their objective spaces, their interwoven activity timespaces, and the level(s) on which they occur. Section one discusses how practices have and make spaces, differentiating between objective space and activity (time)space. Following this, section two explains how the spaces of such large phenomena as universities, economic systems, and international federations embrace the objective spaces, and draw on the interwoven activity spaces, of the practices (the practice-arrangement bundles) they [...]