Sylvain Bordiec

Sylvain Bordiec is an Associate Professor at Bordeaux University (Human Sciences / Education). His main field of research lies in contemporary solitudes and in « fights against social isolation ». Sylvain Bordiec also conducts research on the links between public policy and young people socialisation. These research activities are carried out in LACES (Laboratoire Cultures Éducation Société) (Bordeaux University) and in CRESPPA-CSU (Centre de Recherches Sociologiques et Politiques de Paris – Cultures et Sociétés Urbaines) (Paris 8 / Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense / CNRS).

Se vouloir seul.

Explorer les aspirations à la solitude avec Philip Slater.

Sylvain Bordiec | 18.10.2018

This article sheds light on the contribution of Philip Slater’s book – entitled The Pursuit of Loneliness. American Culture at the Breaking Point – in understanding the disconnections from social life. The author argues that in America, in the sixties, the quest for solitude organised the life of the suburban white middle-class. According to the author, this quest is a historical, spatial, cultural and social declination of the solitudes that can be generated by the process of individuation, a [...]