Sven Saupe

Sven Saupe is a geneticist, director of research at the "Institut de Biologie et Génétique Cellulaires", CNRS (UMR 5095). In biology, he is interested in non-self recognition processes in fungi. He also conducts interdisciplinary investigations on certain social and symbolic aspects of molecular genetics and genomics, the connection between DNA and individuality in the philosophy of Hans Jonas and a reflexion on Deleuze and Guattari’s desiring machines in the context of protein biochemistry.

Quand la biogéographie métagénomique reconfigure les spatialités. Peer review

Sonia Dheur et Sven Saupe | 27.09.2019

Metagenomics, also termed environmental genomics, is a recently developed technique aiming at the global characterization of the ensemble of DNAs present at a given site. As such, it gradually establishes itself as a novel form of spatial metrology and as a quantitative and qualitative measure of the DNA content of a portion of space (taken in turn as an indicator of the community of human and non-human life forms present at the sampled site). It is currently being applied [...]