Stéphane Guimont Marceau

MA en géographie, candidate au doctorat, département de Géographie, Université de Montréal

La spatialité du texte. Étude sur la réception des Morts qui dérangent. Peer review

Stéphane Guimont Marceau et Pierre-Mathieu Le Bel | 02.04.2012

In spite of the relative dynamism of literary geography, the aspect of reception is neglected by the contributions on the spatiality of and by the text. This article intends to respond to Johanne Sharp’s invitation (1996; 2000) to give more attention to this part of the relation to text by getting some inspiration from the recent contribution by Hones (2008) who proposes an approach of the text as an event. To do so we studied the popular criticism’s discourse [...]