Serge Thibault

Serge Thibault is an emeritus professor of urban and territorial planning at the University of Tours (UMR 7324 CITERES). A civil and urbanist engineer, his scientific contributions and his teachings focused first on urban engineering, then on housing sciences, mathematics and project sciences.

Pr├ętopologie et espaces habit├ęs. Peer review

Serge Thibault | 06.09.2017

This text presents the contribution of mathematical pretopology to the understanding of the morphology of inhabited spaces, although it can be applied to any type of space. The use of pretopology explains the relative, and not absolute, character of topological dimensions of inhabited spaces, such as interior, exterior, edge, etc. These dimensions are defined using an exploration of space, based on a process of extension which associates to any part a bigger part including it. A change of process [...]