Sarah Van Hollebeke

Sarah Van Hollebeke is a PhD student in sociology (grant Fresh-FNRS) at the Catholic University of Louvain (member of the interdisciplinary research center Democracy, Institutions, Subjectivity, CriDIS) and in urbanism at the Grenoble National School of Architecture (member of the Research Center on sound space and urban environment, CRESSON). Her work focuses on the aims of urban observation and communication of knowledge in Brussels urban spaces, in the field of urban planning. She interrogates the adequacy between these goals and the tools used (such as maps, statistics, powerpoint, etc.) in workshops or conferences, in three spheres of urban knowledge production.

Participer, à quelles conditions ? Pour une approche plurielle des engagements participatifs.

Charles, Julien. 2016. La participation en actes. Entreprise, ville, association. Paris : Éditions Desclée de Brouwer, coll. « Solidarité et société ».

Sarah Van Hollebeke | 08.08.2017

La participation en actes is part of the pragmatic research in social sciences, which argues on the improvement of the classical model of participatory democracy. By exposing the experiences of the actors of several participatory projects, the author invites the reader to take into account the conditions and constraints that enclose participation, as well as the "cost" to pay to participate. The originality of this book is that it associates a focus on the burdens of participation with an [...]