Robin Susswein

Robin Susswein is a PhD student in sociology attached to the Centre d’anthropologie, sociologie, psychologie – études et recherches (CASPER), Université Saint-Louis Bruxelles, and a researcher at the Ligue bruxelloise pour la santé mentale (LBSM). Since 2016, he has focused his researches on the field of mental health, specifically on the issue of the reconfiguration of psychiatric care practices in the context of social enhancement of individual autonomy. At the same time, since 2015, he has studied the paths and practices of "Intuitive animal communication" initiates. He has notably questioned the social conditions that favour the emergence of non-ordinary experiences.

S’initier au merveilleux. Peer review

Contribution à une socio-anthropologie de l’enchantement à partir de l’étude comparée du « Gamarada » et de la « Communication animale intuitive ».

Robin Susswein et Edgar Tasia | 07.04.2020

Some emotionally intense “wonderful” experiences, which are particularly difficult to qualify by those who experience them, have been studied by sociology and anthropology as “enchantment experiences”. How to qualify this type of experiences? What circumstances can contribute to their emergence? Based on the ethnographic study of two initiatory practices (the “Gamarada” and the “Animal Intuitive Communication”), the authors underline the benefits and the limits of the heuristic model of the "technology of enchantment" built by Halloy and Servais. This [...]