PostCarWorld is a research project (2013-2017) funded by the Swiss National Foundation within the Sinergia programme. It has involved about twenty scholars – geographers, sociologists, economists, engineers, urbanists and architects – from three institutions (EPFL, Lausanne ; ETHZ, Zurich ; USI, Lugano). The project leadership has been taken on by Jacques Lévy and the Chôros laboratory. The purpose of this project was to build up a scientific, multidimensional simulation of a “beyond-car society”.

Post-Car World.

A Synthesis.

PostCarWorld | 21.12.2017

This synthesis presents the mains conclusions of the PostCarWorld project. First of all, it describes the ambiguous situation of the car throughout the World today : continuation of growth and diffusion in emerging economies but, simultaneously, “unhipisation” of the car-culture in developed countries. Now, a fundamental aspect of the “car-society” is its object-driven character focused on the vehicle, generating around it its own material and immaterial environments. In contrast, the text defines what could be a beyond-car mobility society. [...]