Pauline Boivineau

Pauline Boivineau is a senior lecturer in Performing Arts at the Catholic University of the West, and an associate member of the TEMOS laboratory (University of Angers). She is the author of a thesis entitled "Contemporary Dance, Gender and Feminism in France (1968-2015)". She conducts her research on relatively unknown and forgotten choreographers of the history of dance, by questioning the intersection between a "space for the cause of women" and that of dance. She also works on the relationship between artists and spectators and the concept of the artistic scene.

La relation artiste-spectateur face et avec la nudité : une transgression « entre ». Peer review

Pauline Boivineau | 24.10.2019

Interpersonal relationships and intersubjectivity between artists and spectators are an impalpable space, key to the relational artistic plan, which invites us to extend the reflections of N. Bourriaud on what he calls the relational aesthetic. The base of our study is the participant observation of Dévêtu(e), a creation of the Thé à la Rue company, which allowed us to question the hapticity of art and the positionnality of the researcher, so that we can grasp the mobility of the [...]