Pascal Viot

Pascal Viot is a Dr. ès Sciences at the EPFL, an associate researcher at the Urban Sociology Laboratory (LaSUR-EPFL) and founder of iSSUE ( His research focuses on the spatiality of crowd-related risks, as well as on the link between urban planning and security in the organization of major events and the associated modes of public order management. Also coordinator of the Reception and Security Department of the Paléo Festival de Nyon, he navigates between the academic world and practical expertise in order to bring out innovative solutions that are adjusted to contemporary issues in urban and event security.

Liesse, émeute et panique : enquête sur l’effervescence et la cristallisation des états publics de la foule. Peer review

Lucien DelleyLuca Pattaroni et Pascal Viot | 10.06.2020

This article questions the notion of effervescence in a crowd gathered during festive or sporting events. Starting from survey of the various theoretical construction of the crowd as an object of knowledge, we criticize conceptions that consider it as an irrational mental fusion and focus on what we propose to call the "public conditions" of the crowd, manifested by the emergence of accountable collective behaviours. Beyond the risks that are generally associated with it, a crowd is an opportunity [...]