Noël Barbe

Noël Barbe, anthropologist, is researcher at the Institut interdisciplinaire d'anthropologie du contemporain. His work focuses on the forms of presence of the past and their politicisation, the modalities of allocation of heritage value, the politics of art, the political epistemology of ethnographic knowledge, anticapitalist experiences, an anthropological approach to literature. Some of this work is involved in practical, cultural and heritage-related activities (exhibitions, films, direction of book collections, creation and scientific direction of ethnopoles, participation in the scientific councils of various heritage structures, etc.).

Des effets d’une église détruite. Peer review

Noël Barbe | 04.01.2022

As the process of its reconstruction begins at the end of 2019, the aim here is to grasp the registers and devices through which the burning of a church in the heart of summer 2018, in the department of Doubs, is converted into a public problem in which the ways of problematising it as an event and authorising a reconstruction operate, and in the course of which a series of tests emerges in which the qualities of some and [...]