Nicolas Buclet

Nicolas Buclet is Full Professor in Urban Planning at the Institute of Urbanism and Alpine Geography (Grenoble) and at the research center PACTE, since September 2010. He works on sustainability, mostly in relation with questions of coordination between actors. He contributes to the rise of the interdisciplinary field of territorial ecology, a field with important links with social ecology.

La communauté territorialisée No TAV de la basse vallée de Suse (Italie). Peer review

Marina Soubirou et Nicolas Buclet | 27.11.2019

This paper examines the nature of the relationships between the inhabitants of the lower Susa Valley. Beyond their geographical proximity, they seem to be linked by bonds of cooperation forged through nearly half a century of local struggles, and they share a collective aspiration for strong sustainability. Because of these observations, we propose the notion of territorialized community, as the notions of territory and proximities are not sufficiently specific to describe the links uniting the Low-Valsusans and their space. [...]