Mariane Thébert

Mariane Thébert has a PhD in urban geography and is a senior researcher at the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks (IFSTTAR), attached to the laboratory « Ville, Mobilité, Transport » (LVMT). Her fields of interest are local transport policies and land planning, mobility stakeholders' strategies and mobility behaviour.

La mobilité périurbaine : le changement, c’est pour quand ?

Hélène NessiBenoit ContiLaurent ProulhacPatricia Sajous et Mariane Thébert | 24.03.2017

Is there an effective change in the mobility system of the suburban area in the Île-de-France ? How to identify it ? This article aims at updating the evolving (or not evolving) residential and daily mobility patterns through three case studies in the Île-de-France. Results show that change doesn’t challenge the whole system but rather consists of adaptive measures. Evolution in the use of car ensures the global system’s stability. Those adaptive measures are nevertheless the source of new [...]