Maïlys Toussaint

Maïlys Toussaint, urbanist, is a PhD student (UMR AAU-CRESSON) at the Grenoble School of Architecture (Grenoble Alpes University). Her research, financed by the SFR « Territoires en Réseaux », aims to understand the habituation process of the inhabitant to ambiances, during the urban renovation of the Villeneuve of Grenoble.

« Vous prenez quoi en photo là ? » Peer review

Une approche du quotidien de la rénovation urbaine.

Maïlys Toussaint | 23.08.2019

What can be done when the researcher notices that her methodology of investigation does not apply well to the studied neighborhood ? This research takes place in the Villeneuve of Grenoble, a large neighborhood created as a new center of Grenoble during the 70’s by a pluridisciplinary agency of urbanism and architecture named AUA (Atelier d’Urbanisme et d’Architecture). This urban project, significantly conceived like a social and physical utopia, has become an atypical and complex neighborhood, with its qualities [...]