Lucie Campos

She is preparing for a PhD in Comparative Literature at the University of Poitiers, under the supervision of Pr. Catherine Coquio. Her research covers different models of 20th century European literary criticism and their use of text, subject and history as critical and philosophical tools.

Thinking by cases, or: how to put social sciences back the right way up.

Jean-Claude Passeron and Jacques Revel (eds.), Penser par cas, 2005.

Philippe Lacour et Lucie Campos | 31.05.2005

“In the end of the 19th century, there silently emerged in social sciences an epistemological model that has not received much attention so far. Analyzing this paradigm, whose operations are effective though never explicitly theorized, might help us to resist the paralyzing opposition between ‘rationalism’ and ‘irrationalism’.” Carlo Ginzburg1 “ [...]