Lisa Lévy

Lisa Lévy holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Grenoble. Research and teaching fellow at the University of Geneva (Institute of Environmental Sciences), her research focuses on the analysis of territorial planning policies and the epistemology of planning. She develops her theories on improvisation in spatial planning by analyzing the trajectories of projects, the skills of actors and the organizational arrangements. Having worked for four years in a French local authority (thanks to a CIFRE thesis scholarship), she is also interested in the evolution of the profession of urbanist.

La fabrique des projets de grands territoires : un essai de rythmanalyse. Peer review

Lisa Lévy | 15.02.2019

This article proposes to enter the black box of the large territories making process, by means of a rhythm analysis. We examine the rhythmic trajectory of three projects, a French one (Pôle d'Orly) and two Swiss ones (the Geneva and Lausanne agglomeration projects), using the notion of improvisation. Rhythm analysis allows us to show how improvisation, beyond metaphor, qualifies this trajectory. We will first focus on the temporal trajectory of our projects, i.e. their emergence and deployment over time [...]