Klaus Geiselhart

Klaus Geiselhart studied geography, media sciences and pedagogics in Erlangen. In 2009, he completed his PhD thesis on the topic of HIV and AIDS-related stigma and discrimination in Botswana. Since 2008, he has been lecturer at the Institute of Geography, University Erlangen-Nuremberg. His main interests are urban studies, geography of health, and theory of sciences.

Thinking Dimensionally in Social Sciences.

An unconventional notion of social space for research on social topics.

Klaus Geiselhart | 10.03.2014

This article carries the constructivist idea to its logical conclusion. If space is always perceived in three dimensions and does not have a substance, why not consider social topics in the the same way and see whether this produces informative and new insights ? The notion of Euclidean space as a dimensional system of ordering is an elementary concept in social sciences. This article gives two examples of how this concept could be employed in a non-positivistic and non-essentialist [...]