Joseph Cacciari

Joseph Cacciari is a sociologist and temporary teaching and research assistant in the Department of Sociology at the University of Paris Nanterre (2019-2021). His research focuses on the reformulation of socializations to everyday practices within the institutional imperatives of energy and ecological transition. After a thesis defended in 2017 at Aix-Marseille University (Laboratoire méditerranéen de sociologie) on the examination of energy-mobilizing domestic practices in working-class, he worked on the processes of household demotorization at the Laboratoire ville mobilité transport (2017-2019). His current research focuses on the greening of work-related spatial mobility.


Joseph Cacciari | 17.07.2020

What do the approaches in terms of "Mobility Biographies Research" and "Travel Socialization Studies" teach us about mobility choices over biographical trajectories? Particularly widespread in recent years, research using one or the other approach has focused on the daily choices of spatial mobility of individuals. These two orientations share the objective of wanting to document the mechanisms of learning and changes in behaviour in this area throughout the biographical trajectories. Research claiming to be in one or the [...]