Jean Hartleyb

Docteur en sociologie. Membre du laboratoire « Cultures et Sociétés en Europe », umr 7043. Chargé d'enseignement en sociologie à l'Université Marc Bloch de Strasbourg en sociologie générale et en épistémologie des sciences sociales. Thème actuel de recherche : « Comparaisons et comparatisme dans les sciences sociales ». Publications : Pour une sociologie du nazisme, Paris, Editions L'Harmattan, 2003 ; « Petits arrangements avec l'Histoire », Revue des Sciences sociales, mars 2003.

Le témoin et l’écriture de l’histoire.

Jean Hartleyb | 20.04.2004

Wide media coverage is given nowadays to « real life stories », to people's experiences, apparently without ever asking whether some critical perspective is needed or what intrinsic interest such testimonies provide. Confronted with this deluge of pictures and commentaries, scientists are expected to provide answers to the important issues facing our societies. This article argues in favour of greater epistemological vigilance, more rigour, and underlines the need for historical researchers to reflect on the circumstances [...]

Citoyens à l’ombre d’un mur…

Jean Hartleyb | 03.02.2004

In 2003, the annual study undertaken by The Israel Democracy Institute confirmed the fears drawn to our attention several months ago by some members of the press and by university and intellectual circles: Israeli society is in the midst of a major crisis of confidence which threatens to weaken its democratic foundations.Neither the record rate of abstentions during the latest legislative elections, nor the obvious deterioration in living conditions of the least advantaged echelons of [...]