Isabelle Dussauge

Isabelle Dussauge is a researcher in the field of history and sociology of science, medicine and technology. Her publications explore the medical gaze performed through visualization technologies, the computerization of health, and, most recently, the contemporary neuroscience of sexuality. Along with Anelis Kaiser, Isabelle Dussauge is one of the founding members of the interdisciplinary network “NeuroGenderings”.

Feminist and Queer Repoliticizations of the Brain.

Anelis Kaiser et Isabelle Dussauge | 13.04.2015

The historical relationship between biology and feminist politics is one of proximity and distance, tensions and contradictions. This is particularly obvious in the current golden age of neuroscience, when arguments supporting sexism, the inevitability of the sex/gender difference, the equalization of sexuality with heterosexuality and much more are reformulated based on the findings from brain research. In this paper, we examine the specific entanglements of brain science and feminism and identify three main directions which are “destabilizations”, “reconstructions”, and [...]