Guillaume Le Roux

Guillaume Le Roux is an engineer in statistics and has a PhD in Geography. His research focus on interactions between urban change and spatial mobility. While working on Bogotá during his PhD at the Migrinter laboratory (University of Poitiers – CNRS), he contributed to various chapters of the book Mobilités et changement urbain : Bogotá, Santiago et São Paulo (2015), directed by François Dureau, Thierry Lulle, Sylvain Souchaud and Yasna Contreras. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Institut National d’Études Démographiques (INED), where he conducts research on inequalities in accessing the residential areas of the Parisian agglomeration, during the 20th century.

Évolutions des parcours migratoires et résidentiels des habitants de Bogotá (1993-2009). Peer review

Guillaume Le Roux | 01.06.2017

At the end of the last century, Bogotá, like many other large Latin American cities, saw its population dynamics change as the country progressed in the demographic transition and the urban transition : its growth depended more on the natural growth of the population and the origin and distance of migrations to the capital evolved. This article shows how this new « stage of populating » - a concept whose interest in analysing urban change will be demonstrated - [...]