Eric Le Breton

Eric Le Breton is a senior lecturer at Rennes 2 University, in the Department of Sociology, and a researcher at the Research on Societal Innovations Interdisciplinay Laboratory. He works on French urban theories. He explores the links between day-to-day mobility and social changes. He recently led a fieldwork about interactions in social car-sharing. He also worked on the causes and pratices around bike renewal.

Société mobile : vers une politique des mobilités ? Une exploration autour de cinq enjeux. Peer review

Eric Le Breton | 16.03.2018

Mobility issues are today discussed by economists, politicians, various institutions as well as lobbies, and are raising now some societal questions. They are not only technical concerns, but also political and axiological debates, which are now coming together. We explore five controversies : outskirts accessibility, generic mobility, the control of mobile work, the right to retreat from the flow and democracy based on multiple memberships. A new kind of policy is then appearing, where mobilities are no longer a subject, [...]