Edoardo Boria

Edoardo Boria is Assistant Professor in “Political and Economic Geography” at the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. He studies the history of the geographical thought and the history of cartography in a political and social perspective. Amongst his works, note the volume Cartografia e potere (2007) (edoardo.boria@uniroma1.it).

Mapping Time. Peer review

Edoardo Boria | 23.01.2012

Geographical maps are rooted in Cartesian thought. This inevitably limits their heuristic value, especially in their ability to capture movement. In the context of present-day reality, marked by a society in constant flux, these limitations render traditional geographical maps increasingly less satisfactory. On the basis of this premise, and aiming to explore alternatives to the rationalist approach and to Euclidean geometry, I shall present a review – not all encompassing, to be sure, but sufficiently extensive [...]