Chiara Kirschner

Chiara Kirschner is an associate researcher in geography at the PACTE Laboratory, Grenoble. Her research focuses on wayfaring and the forms of creativity that are expressed in it, which characterize both the practice itself and the way in which practitioners lead their life course. She collaborates on tourism engineering and territorial animation projects inspired by alternative recreational practices, and develops a creative itinerant method of personal and professional orientation.

Le rythme singulier et créatif de l’itinérance

Chiara Kirschner | 22.04.2020

The article uses the notion of rhythm to analyze the relationship between the individual and his environment in the mobile spatial practice of recreational wayfaring, which often leads to a decision to transform his life trajectory once returned back home, particularly when traveling for several weeks/months. The sensory experience, and in particular the kinesthetic experience (the sense of movement), integrating the environment, is the starting point of a a new conception of rhythm as a singular and creative tool [...]