Charlotte Lemaistre

After graduating in Law, Charlotte Lemaistre is now pursuing computer engineering studies at the 42 school. She is also involved in cybersecurity and ecological computer practices (with the associations apt42 and 42 green) as well as humanitarian aid (with the red cross).

La Covid au prisme des minorités vulnérables Peer review

Enka BlanchardZacharie Boubli et Charlotte Lemaistre | 01.02.2021

The Covid-19 pandemic as a collective experience has brought certain minority experiences closer to the majority’s. The most obvious example have been the 2020 lockdowns, which has suddendly given able-bodied individuals the experience of the homeboundedness known to crips. Some other parallels constitute an unexpected positive impact of the pandemic, which has generally increased the level of solidarity in a common ordeal. Nevertheless, most pre-pandemic social vulnerabilities have perpetuated and even worsened. From proven correlations between one’s level of [...]