Catherine Aventin

Catherine Aventin is an architect dplg, holder of a doctorat thesis in engineering Sciences with a concentration on architecture. She is a senior lecturer at the National School of Architecture in Toulouse and a research follow at the Laboratory in Architectural Research. For some fifteen years, Catherine Aventin has worked on the relationship between public areas and urban cultural activities, especially Street Arts.

Peer review

Catherine Aventin | 30.10.2020

During three days and three nights a central car park is turned into a vegetable garden by a street theater company ( The Phun) The garden will disappear without warning as suuddenly as it appeared. This article proposes to explore how poetic fiction interacts with the daily use and perceptions of this place by the inhabitants. While the performers are busy growing, watering, picking plants and feeding farm animals the enchantment works and turns ordinary reality into extraordinary reality. [...]