Caroline Bontet

Caroline Bontet graduated from the University of La Rochelle in Geography, more specifically in coastal areas' management. During her Master's degree, she focused on the touristic practices of Japanese people, along the Honshû coastline, Japan's main island. Then, she joined the observatory of the Touristic Development Agency of Charente-Maritime, where she further analysed tourism and its territorial consequences. She monitored several studies and coordinated the team and the connections with all the partners involved in these studies, including the one about second homes' owners in Charente-Maritime.

Quand les mobilités influencent la perception des changements territoriaux.

Le cas des résidents secondaires en Charente-Maritime.

Didier VyeCaroline BlondyCaroline BontetStéphane DonnatChristine Plumejeaud-Perreau et Luc Vacher | 23.03.2017

The frequent comings and goings within various living places characterise second home owners. Neither truly tourist nor inhabitant in the region of their second home, this population category is hybrid, because they are owners of a home where they do not usually live during the year. This raises the question of their right to express themselves about the changes affecting the territory where their second home is located. Their way of living in this multipolar residential system, with the [...]